Thursday, December 30, 2010

Life Drawing Workshop in My Studio

I will be hosting a Life Drawing Workshop in my studio on Saturday January 8, 10 am - 2 pm. Pictured above is Lee Radtke drawing my son Alex posing in his fencing uniform, this was a lot of fun because it was so different from what we normally draw with the Valley Art Club. Molly will be the model on January 8, she will pose nude for 2 short poses and then a very long pose. This will be an excellent time for working on a finished drawing or painting. Coffee and snacks will be available with a lunch break of 30 minutes so bring a lunch and drink. My studio is located in the Garden level of the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park in Crystal Lake. I have plenty of space and tables, chairs and easels available.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mixed Media Miniatures Workshop in my studio December 11

with Sandie Bacon

Mixed Media Miniatures
Date: December 11th, 1:30- 3:00
Cost: $35.00 All ages
Learn the latest techniques in Acrylics and then
apply them to the creation of several small scale pieces
(8" x 8" or less).

We will transfer photo copies into gels, which can then be painted into or embellished. We'll also use found objects and embed these into different gels and pastes to make mixed media pieces that are very 3d! Using photos and /or objects that relate to a theme is a great way to make personalized art works....or even small scale Christmas presents or ornaments. We'll use glass bead gel, interference and iridescent paints, and many other transparent and opaque gels and pastes. This is a great class to explore the wide variety of Golden products as they apply to mixed media. Bring ribbons, beads, shells, specialty papers, and any small objects for the miniatures.

Hosted by Jeanine Hill-Soldner
Soldner Fine Art Studio E Garden Level
401 Country Club Road Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Sandie Bacon: 847-735-1503

Monday, November 22, 2010

Drawing Sessions in My Studio

Classes are starting again for winter in my studio. I have drawing sessions from 10:00- 12:00 every Thursday. This is time to spend focused on the fine art of rendering the visual world in drawing media. I love just plain old drawing pencils on paper, it's very relaxing. I am also planning Saturday classes for students interested in exploring painting. Check back soon for my new class schedule.

Pictures from the Artist Talk at Portraits of American Veterans: A Continuing Dialogue Exhibit

From the time that I completed the above painting of Chris O'Neil he has been re-deployed and flown several missions in Afghanistan. Here he is viewing his portrait for the first time.
Here I am talking about the Portraits of American Veterans Project. I was so encouraged by the number of people who attended the event on a cold and damp Sunday in November. Thanks everyone for being there.
One of the oldest Veterans in the Portrait of American Veterans Project is WWII Veteran De Yip G. Louie seated with his daughter Frances Mai Ling.
Allen Jakes is viewing his completed portrait for the first time. Allen is a Vietnam Veteran whose service involved managing a clinic and caring for the wounded. His caring spirit can be seen in the gesture of holding his memory album from Vietnam.
This is Wendy Manning standing next to the portrait of her daughter Capt. Dana Mayer. Dana could not attend the reception, she just returned from her third deployment. She is a transport nurse whose recent tour of duty was in Afghanistan.

Bill Crist is viewing his portrait for the first time. He is a combat veteran who served in Vietnam.

The panoramic photos were taken by Chris O'Neil, one of the Veterans that I painted. Thanks Chris, you are a gentleman and a hero. All of the profiles posted by the paintings are by Frances Mai Ling, who also provided the beautiful piano music and vocals for the reception.

I wanted to share some of the photos that my husband Keith took at the November 21 Artist Talk and Studio Tour. There are quite a few shots so I will post a slide show soon so you can get a sense of the scope of the exhibit and the number of lives that it has touched. I am very honored that I have been able to meet and get to know all of these fine people in the portraits. Through this project I have found a spiritual healing that we all have shared. I am eternally grateful for the gifts that I have received through my art and the many individuals that have supported me on my journey to create a visual record of the Americans that I truly honor and respect for their service to our country. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Artist Talk and Studio Tour Planned as Recap for "Portraits of American Veterans:A Continuing Dialogue"

When: Sunday November 21, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Exhibition Dates: November 3- 24, 2010

Where: Sage Gallery and Dole Mansion Gallery

Lakeside Legacy Arts Park

401 Country Club Road

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday 9:00 am. – 4:00 pm. Info: 815.455.8000


The public is invited to an afternoon of art and discussions with the artist Jeanine Hill-Soldner as she presents insightful views on her groundbreaking Portraits of American Veterans Project. Visitors are invited to an open and lively discussion with the Artist, about her artwork and process. The exhibit is in honor of Veterans Day, and based on on her belief that Ms. we should honor Veterans every day in addition to Veterans Day. Veterans who are represented in the paintings will be on hand to share their stories. After the presentation join Ms. Hill-Soldner in her studio located on the garden level of the Lakeside Legacy Creative Arts Center. Here she will share her painting process and engage visitors in the world of the authentic artist studio. Coffee and light refreshments will be served.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

View Beautiful Pictures from my November 5 Reception on link

Despite the reduction of photographers and reporters for traditional print newspaper media there are some very good on line news sources that do an amazing job of covering local news and creating a worldwide audience through the web. Here is a nice little slide show of the evening's events for Portaits of American Veterans: A Continuing Dialgoue and Veterans Art: Stories and Images from Enjoy!

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Portraits of American Veterans: A Continuing Dialogue" Artist Reception November 5

The reception on November 5 for my show was an event to remember. Frances Mai Ling and Kit Valentine added a beautiful ambiance to the evening with their piano and vocal performances. The food and wine kept everyone happy and chatty and I am looking forward to moving this exhibit to many more venues.
Above are a few shots that I was able to capture at the end of the evening as many of the guests had already left and the attending Veterans who are represented in the paintings had a chance to pose for pictures. My friend and professional photographer Robin Pendergrast took some nice shots and I will post those when I receive them. I would love for everyone to see this show!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Portraits of American Veterans Project Exhibit Opens November 3

The opening reception for my show is less than two weeks away and I have a LOT to do to prepare. Frances Mai Ling is working hard to complete the story profiles that will accompany the 15 paintings. I began the paintings and the project in August 2009 with a continuous schedule of meeting with and getting to know the veterans who are represented in the painting. In addition to creating the connections with my new friends, I devoted long hours in the studio painting. All of the long hours of work will be on exhibit for all to see. I have so many people to thank for helping to make the PAVP project possible that I will save that for the next post. For now I have posted a portion of the press release with more details.

The exhibition dates are November 3- 23, 2010 with an artist reception on Friday November 5 from 5:30 - 9:00 p. m.

Where: Sage Gallery and Dole Mansion Gallery

Lakeside Legacy Arts Park

401 Country Club Road

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p. m.

Info: 815-455-8000 or just contact me directly at


“Portraits of American Veterans Project; was created by Jeanine Hill-Soldner as a continuation of her work with art about war and veterans. The exhibit incorporates original oil paintings of local American Veterans with photographs and stories about the veterans told in their own words. The veterans meet with the artist in her studio for an interview, a photo shoot and sketching session before the paintings begins. This project is in the second phase of representing American Veterans in narrative context where the paintings and stories provide a visual dialogue, and a connection between the viewer and the veteran. Ms. Hill-Soldner plans to include veterans of all ages, both men and women. The second phase of the project will exhibit in November 2010 in the Sage Gallery, Lakeside Legacy Arts Park in Crystal Lake.

In addition to the art by Ms. Hill-Soldner there will be an exhibit of art from participating veterans in the Vet Art Project Chicago, and Chicago area veterans. Ms. Hill-Soldner is co-curating the show with Army veteran Edgar Gonzalez Beaza. The art will be by veterans from wars in Vietnam, Kosovo, First Gulf War, and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This art will exhibit in the historic Dole Mansion Gallery. Meet the artists.

There will be a special performance by contemporary classical pianist Frances Mai Ling and Kit Valentine during the artist reception.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Battledress Exhibit and Lt Dan Weekend in Beaufort, SC October 1 - 3, 2010

The Battledress artist reception was held on Thursday October 1 with art on exhibit by women veterans who have served in the US Military. I was honored to be invited to show with these warrior women. The exhibit will now travel with stops in galleries and museums around the country. Follow my blog and I'll keep updating the exhibition schedule.

In the above photo my Mom and I are posing next to Easter Sunday 1965 at the Charles Street Gallery in Historic Beaufort SC. Mom is standing next to the painting that depicts her in 1965 with her friends in front of our military housing at Kaneohe, MCAS in Oahu, Hawaii.

The South Carolina beach from Huntington Island State Park. You can see my husband and father in law (a Vietnam Veteran and retired career US Marine) are seen walking in the distance. My nephew Michael, who is also a USMC veteran was also at the event.

Gary Senise and the Lt. Dan Band performed a free concert for to honor our men and women currently serving and show support for the troops who have been severely injured since 9/11. The concert was held at Riverfront Park. The Beaufort Shrimp Festival was on the same night, serving the best shrimp that I have tasted in a very long time.

This is the start of the Lt. Dan Ride which was held at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort. I was in awe ans so inspired at the sight of all of those heroes riding the 11 mile loop around the end of the runway. The entire event brought tears to my eyes as I watched and cheered for these wounded warriors. I felt honored and quite humbled by these men and women who have overcome their injuries. The Ride was hosted by the Lady Island Cycling Club, the Independence Fund and the City of Beaufort.
My husband Keith and I, arrived at the MCAS at 06:00 hrs to help with set-up and I'm glad we did. There was a lot to do and some friendly people to meet.

This is Laura Sellinger, the founder of the Battledress Exhibit, a US Army, Iraq War Veteran. Laura is a strong woman and a delightful person to know. Thanks Laura, you are amazing!

This is the Old South at it's best. I took this photograph from atop a fort constructed during the late 1800's for defense of the river during the Spanish and American War. So much history is tucked into the most unlikely places.

Good night Beaufort, I'll be back next year for the Beaufort Lt. Dan Weekend.

Fall Drawing and Painting Classes with Jeanine Hill-Soldner

Return to Drawing, All Levels, Teens to Adults
Ongoing, 6 weeks, 120.00, Begins October 28, 2010
Thursdays 10:00- 12:00 Rediscover Drawing: Drawing is a singular pleasure, return to the sublime qualities of drawing, accurate rendering of lines, shading, perspective, form, space and volume, with a variety drawing supplies. Subjects: still life, natural forms, landscape, and scenes around Dole property.

Thursdays 4:00 – 6:00 Drawings into Paintings: Take drawings into paintings, accurate drawings, composition, perspective, color relationships, value and harmony develop into a finished painting. We will use pencil, charcoal and acrylics in this fun and challenging class.
ISBE Certified Continuing Professional Development Provider

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Studio Notes: My New Painting Cart

This is a great new find for any studio. Stainless steel, lots of space and sturdy wheels.

I move around my studio quite a bit when I'm working, and I usually have more than one painting at a time in process. I prefer studio furniture with wheels, this allows for a lot of flexibility in my work space. The above painting table has been with me for about 10 years and has served well, but it has become quite wobbly from rolling around on the uneven 90 year old floors in my studio. I found a replacement at IKEA. I love the new stainless steel "kitchen cart" the large wheels and workspace is just what I needed. I need functional. I think commercial kitchens have the best furniture for artists, there's no fluff, just solid hard working furniture.

While I'm working I utilize at least 3 wheeled painting tables at a time and 4 easels. All of the carts in my studio are steel and have at least three shelves. I sometimes work with 2-3 palettes and can use up to 20 brushes in one day. I like my easels too, they are wood, easy to move around and have wheels of course. My system may not work for someone else, but after many years of committed studio work I've found this to be the best system for me for now.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy Weeks of Art

This is the "Next Wave Artist Salon" in Elgin, I'm glad I was a part of it. The experience was energizing and I met some wonderful people. This is an event I will continue to support!
This is my daughter Michelle posing in front of her portrait I painted from a pic I took of her seated in the window of our hotel in London several years ago. Next to that is my self portrait in my studio painted from life. I have a ton of pics from my travels around the world, one of these days I'll start creating new ways to depict this side of my life in paint. Until then I'll just keep painting.

The past two weeks have been so busy that I'm glad to have a Saturday to rest and recharge. There have been art receptions, all day life drawing at Palette and Chisel in Chicago with Pat and Jackie, life drawing with Valley Art Club, evening parties for an old friend visiting from out of town, driving to Chicago for delivery of artwork to the National Veterans Art Museum for shipment to a show in Beaufort, S. C., and then the next day delivering the shipping crate for the 4' x 6' painting, delivery of artwork (shown above) for a weekend show in Elgin the "Next Wave Artist Salon with a Friday and Saturday reception to attend, then pick-up on the artwork on Sunday, dinner with the Chairman and the Director of the Veterans Assistance Commission and then a presentation of my "Portrait of American Veterans Project" to the Woodstock VFW, and with all of that 3 doctor appointments and 35 hours of painting time in my studio each week.
WHEW! Now I'll come up for air and take a nap.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Workshop for Contemporary Artists 26th Annual Exhibit

The 26th Annual Workshop for Contemporary Artists Exhibit was held last night a the Old Courthouse Art Center in Woodstock, IL. The OCAC has four galleries so there were artists from the Real People Show, Claymirth, and Old Courthouse Figurative Art League with their friends and followers at the reception. This made for one of the best art openings that I have had the pleasure to be a part of. I tried to take pictures, but as with all art shows where I am one of the exhibitors, I would rather talk to visitors and share my art than take pictures of the crowd. So here are a few quick snapshots from the evening reception that was attended by a standing room only crowd.

The members of WCA are myself, Judith Nahill, Nancy Seidler, Lynn Carlson, Patricia Tanner, Alice White, Doris Davis-Gallagher and Rita Kay Halvorsen. Patricia Tanner and I have been members of this dynamic and incredible artist group for 14 years. The other members have been showing their art together for more than 26 years. I love the ladies and our group, they have encouraged me to grow as an artist through their unwavering support.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Importance of Supporting Fellow Artists

Veronica, Jackie and Jeanine (me) at Pat Brutchin's artist reception on August 6 in the Dole Gallery at the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park in Crystal Lake.

Here we are, three friends and fellow artists attending the artist's reception for Pat's first Solo Exhibit. Pat couldn't be there due to a teaching commitments, so we decided that we would be a welcoming committee for Pat in her absence. There was live music and good food and a number of art lovers in attendance. We had a very enjoyable time and felt good that we could be there for our friend.

I make every effort to attend art receptions for all of the artists I know in the Chicago area. I think it's really important that we support one another and show sincere appreciation for the creative and professional accomplishments of others. I am always pleased to see other artists attending my receptions. Taking the time to attend receptions of other artists I think it builds a stronger artist community. There is a time for being alone to do the soul searching, and roll-up your sleeves work of the artist, and there is the time for enjoying the fruits of our labor. The support of peers in the artist community has always kept the arts alive, and in these tough times we artists need all the support we can get.

So please attend all artists' receptions you can, you could be a spark that keeps the flame of artistic expression burning!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Challenges Beyond the Portrait

This is Bill, he is a friend an artist, and a Vietnam Veteran. Bill visited my studio recently to share with me his stories, his drawings, and to pose for his portrait. Bill has a strong presence, a square jaw and wounded warrior eyes. During the course of my painting process I feel that I am taken to a place beyond the traditional portrait. Or I should say, I feel a responsibility to the individual to honor their spirit, as well as their image. This for me is a huge challenge. I want to represent the person in a profoundly honest way, to move into a place where the camera and "photo realism" is left behind. I am honored to take on this challenge, so that every day I focus on taking my work beyond that which I have done before. Hard work, by all means, and I love every minute of it.

"Art has to reveal to us ideas, formless spiritual essences. The supreme question about a work of art is out of how deep a life does it spring. The painting of Gustave Moreau is the painting of ideas. The deepest poetry of Shelley, the words of Hamlet bring our mind into contact with the eternal wisdom, Plato's world of ideas. All the rest is speculation of schoolboys for schoolboys."
James Joyce "Ulysses"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fabulously Focused reception at Tall Grass Arts Association

This past Friday I attended the "Fabulously Focused" Gallery Artists Exhibition at the Tall Grass Artists Association Gallery in Park Forest, IL. This was a true delight visiting the gallery for the first time after delivering my work for the show. The space is huge and the show was beautiful with work in many media. My Mom was able to attend with me, since she's visiting from Florida for a few weeks. All of the artists were friendly and talked about their work, sharing their ideas and happy to welcome new artists to the gallery. There were nice light snack and wine. I look forward to future show and activities at this upscale and friendly gallery. The exhibit runs through September 19 so please stop by and see the works and visit the adjouning gift shop.
Tall Grass Arts Association Gallery is located at 367 Artists Walk in Forest Park IL.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Battle Dress a Woman's View" Reception May 29 at the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago

Leanna Henson Linn from MO, Laura Sellinger from FL, and Alyssa Savva from NY talking to a visitor.

Donna Perdue form IN and on the right Kristy L Herman from TX. My painting is in the photo on bottom.

The exhibit "Battle Dress a Woman's View' is designed to enlighten the public community to the complex views of women who serve in the United States Military.
This ground breaking exhibit was the brain child of Iraqi war veteran and artist Laura Sellinger.
Laura was given a camera by Kimo Williams of the Lt. Dan Band, and instructed to show the world her views. This is a personal project funded by the Independence Fund that has the potential to grow into an annual exhibit. Proceeds will go back to he Independence Fund to help other wounded veterans in need.

The exhibit that is now on view at the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago through August 2010. After the Chicago exhibit "Battle Dress" will
move to the Charles Street Gallery in Beaufort, South Carolina, the home of Paris Island Marine Corps Training Center, and location for the filming of "Forrest Gump". The opening reception will be held on October 2. During the weekend reception severly disabled veterans from across the U. S. will ride in the Lt. Dan Ride culminating with a performance by Gary Senice and the Lt. Dan Band. This will be a weekend to remember and you can bet I will be there. I am so honored and humbled that my work has been chosen to exhibit with that of women veterans. Thank you.