Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Workshop in My Studio with Sandie Bacon

Here's a view of my studio with my daughter Michelle in the foreground and across the room Noreen and Sandie are working on pages for their handmade book.

Michelle and Sandie working on monoprints that will be added to the pages for their book covers.

Sandie's work in progress showing her beautiful collage and painting design skills.

These are my works in progress.  I had a lot of fun and discovered some new ways to work with acrylic media and collage.

This is Michelle's work in progress showing her vibrant use of color and design.

Noreen was a busy artist today creating a number of beautiful highly textured mixed media pieces.
This photo was taken from my studio window.You can see how cold and snowy the day was.  We were all warm and happy in my studio while we created new and beautiful artworks.