Monday, September 22, 2008

"Between Heaven and Earth" oil 40" x 100"

This painting is one of the larger works in my solo exhibition Pilgrimage and Passages, a Spiritual Journey.

"Slivers of Light" oil on canvas 48" x 72"

Slivers of Light
Awaken the day
And the dreamer
To the possible
The probable
The necessary
The divine
The mundane
Narrow passages
of time
Fissures in space
Slivers of Light

Monday, September 15, 2008

Travels to Europe

St. George and the Dragon.

Here I am with my family and German friends while we enjoy ice cream in Stockholm.

Here is another version of St. George and the Dragon. This is carved from oak and elk antlers are used for the horns and wings on the dragon.

These are my kids enjoying the touristy shops on Stockholm.

I have been taking a figure sculpting class, so this bronze captured my attention.

Water is a dominant feature of Sweden as can be seen in this reflection of a buliding in a canal Stockholm

Here are a few quick views of the marvelous city of Stockholm, Sweden. I found the people friendly and happy to share their city with travelers. The public transportation is excellent, making it quite easy to get around the city and explore it's historic streets and buildings. The water taxis were the most wonderful way to see the city from the water.
As with most European cities art can be found in every park and plaza. Public art is part of the fabric of life in Stockholm. The Swedes appreciate their artistic heritage and enjoy living with the art everyday in their communities. I absolutely love it, how refreshing!
I will post more on my summer travels in Ireland soon.