Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Work on Exhibit at Arts in Action

Three new paintings in the studio.  These are all painted from photos from travels on trains and in the Metra station in Chicago.

Here I am with the completed paintings on exhibit for the first time in the Sage Gallery.

More work on exhibit in Arts in Action.

March went by so fast that I haven't even had a chance to write in my journal much less post on my blog or update my web sites.  The pics above show you what was keeping me busy in March.  Along with painting a portrait for "Faces not Forgotten" my new work required attention to detail and surface that I always focus on in my work.  I will post more info about the "Faces not Forgotten"  project in my next installment.

 Above are the new works that I have on exhibit in the Sage Gallery at the Lakeside Arts Park in Crystal Lake.  I have been exploring and expanding on my ongoing interest in water and the vital role that it plays in all life on earth.  I found the photos that I've taken at Crown Fountain in Chicago to be a wealth of visual information that I have been working with to expand on my ideas about water and humans interacting with it's endless ebb and flow. I have never run out of ideas or subjects for my work, the world is so interesting I don't think I ever will.