Friday, October 16, 2009

Portaits of American Veterans Project

Portraits of America’s Veterans Project” incorporates original oil paintings of American Veterans with the photographs and stories about the veterans told in their own words. This project is in the beginning phase with a long term goal of representing American Veterans in narrative context where the paintings and stories will provide a visual dialogue, and a connection between the viewer and the veteran.

To represent Veterans who served in America’s foreign conflicts, and chronicle their stories, many whose lives have been defined or shaped by war. The long tem goal is to create a visual “archive”, through collaborations with the veterans and artist. The stories and painted portraits will eventually comprise a traveling exhibition.

If you are a veteran, willing to share your stories and take some time to visit the studio of Jeanine Hill-Soldner in Crystal Lake, or If you are unable to travel, arrangements will be made for a visit and interview, photo shoot and sketching session. The artist will then produce the oil painting her art studio.

Jeanine Hill-Soldner is the artist, whose Dad was a Marine Corps veteran who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam., The artist’s exhibits include the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum in Chicago, featured on PBS; the artist’s profile, documenting her family's story during the Vietnam War.

The first phase of the project will exhibit November 2 –28, 2009
Lakeside Legacy Arts Park , 401 Country Club Rd., Crystal Lake.

For more information contact:
Jeanine Hill-Soldner
Soldner Fine Art Studio