Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drawing in My Studio

Twice a month I meet with a group of artists to spend 3 wonderful hours drawing the figure. The quick snap shots that you see here show my son posing in his fencing uniform. We thought it would be an interesting change to draw a clothed figure wearing an intersting outfit. Here you can see some of my completed oil paintings and my most recent series in the early stages of painting.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Work on Exhibit in February at the Chicago Cultural Center

This is my Mom, Maggie, modeling for me in my studio. I painted this in two sittings totaling about 2 hours. This simple statement I soon developed into a larger painting which has to do with women and war. This is a topic that is prevelant in my work and will always emerge in varous forms throughout my life and art.

During the month of February I will show my latest painting "The Sergeant Major's Wife, 1918-2008". This is a 4 panel oil on canvas painting measuring 48" high and 86" in wide. I painted this in less than a month. There was was a deadline for completion, but I also had to paint this fast in order to capture the intuitive quality that a subject of such importance engenders. The inspiration for this work came after I painted my Mom's portrait from life, while she modeled in my studio. Working from old, faded and out of focus family photgraphs I developed these almost life size figures into vibrant color.

Each panel represents members of my family. The left panel is my Grandmother and Grandfather circa 1918, the second panel is my Grandmother and Dad, age 15, on graduation day from the USMC boot camp in 1943. In the third panel my parents are shown on their wedding day in 1954 and the far right is my Mom, alone... thus "The Sergeant Major's Wife, 1918-2008".

Look for my painting in February at the Chicago Cultural Center as part of the Vet Art Project and the Incubator Series.