Friday, March 21, 2014

Keeping Up the Pace: Making More Art

I'll be showing new works in the Sage Gallery at the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park in April for Art and Music in Action.  I will demonstrate my painting technique while visiting with guests and sharing insights into my process.  My studio will also be open for visitors to tour with my husband Keith hosting visitors and promoting my work.  I am always thinking about my work and carry a sketch book with me everywhere I go so when I have a spare minute I can record the next step in the continuing series that has become an obsession.  A very positive obsession and one that I highly recommend to everyone!
On a final note here is a valuable quote that rings true!

"Each of us has a real capacity for originality but originality is very very hard to get to, it takes real work.  I think people don’t quite realize how much work it takes to be a good artist."   
Roberta Smith  New York Times Art Critic in Interview Magazine