Friday, May 9, 2008

My Art and American History in the High School Classroom

I will visit three American History classes at my son's high school where the students are now studying the Vietnam War. Iam planning a power point presentation in which the students will view my work, "Memories of an Era, Refllections or Our Time". I will discuss the Vietnam War as my family and I expereinced it.

Because of my many years of experience teaching in the classroom, I feel very comfortable talking about this difficult subject. I have also been interviewed many times about the work and my art, so I know what topics the students will want to discuss. I have no doubt that the students will have many questions. I have visited high school art classrooms with my work, this will be the first time to integrate my art into the American History curriculum.

I am looking forward talking to the students and hearing their reaction to my work, and to listening to their thoughts about the Veitnam War. I am sure there will be some comparisons made to the War in Iraq. I like to engage students in thinking about the world around them, and art can engage the students in ways that can provoke thought and discussion.

It's very rewarding to know that my work which has been described as a "major cultural contribution," can enrich and educate students in the classroom.