Monday, December 26, 2011

A Special Day for Veterans at Truman College

Pictured: Adam Navarro Lowery, Jeanine Hill-Soldner, Suellen Semekoski, Matt Olsen and Pres. Reagen F. Romali at Truman College in Chicago during the First Annual Veterans Resource Fair at Truman College.

I have been very behind on my posts. "So much to do and so little time" I couldn't let the year end without mentioning the wonderful event that Veterans Services Coordinator Adam Navarro Lowery organized for Truman College. The event was held on November 9, just a few days before Veterans Day. I was honored to help to set-up the tables and easels to display art by Veterans who have participated in the Vet Art Project. I also provided a few paintings of mine that had exhibited at the National Veterans Art Museum and therefore represented the NVAM. Suellen Semekoski was there and explained to visitors about the Vet Art Project and gave out materials to those who were interested. The Warrior Arts Studio was represented by one of the founders Matt Olsen. I also enjoyed meeting the President of Truman College Reagen F. Romali. President Romali told stories from her life while living and working in a oppressive Communist country. Her genuine commitment to educating Veterans for the work force certainly provides a welcoming environment for member of the Military who want to further their education and find jobs.

I look forward to participating in more art programs with the Vet Art Project. Thank you Adam for bringing all of us together for a valuable and well planned day.