Friday, May 8, 2009

Revisiting the Small Format

I will show my work in a solo exhibit at the Barrington Area Library March 29- June 19, 2009. The space has only two walls large enough to accomodate my large works, so I am producing a new collection of small oils to fit the space. I'm actually enjoying the ease and speed at which I work on small pieces. The title is "Sight Seeting" and the theme is light and fun to explore. I have an enormous number of photos that I have taken over the years from my travels throughout the world, so this show opens-up an opportunity to revisit those images and paint them as I remember the scenes. The process is a relaxing break from my labor intensive, large format paintings. I find if I revisit older themes in my work I think about where I'm going to go with new works. I certainly have been having a lot of fun painting in small format.

You can read more about my show in Quintessential Barrington Magazine at

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exhibition: Reclaiming Our Heritage Festival

I am continueing my work that has been developing, I think, for my entire life, with veterans and their families. I am a child of a veteran so my work is authentic, and continually transforming as I find more connections with my art and the world around me.
Through my commitment to Veterans issues and understanding that art is powerful, healing and empowering, and engages individuals in a deep and profound way. My work with veterans and their families, has come about through Lisa Rosenthal and her groundbreaking program the Vet Art Project. Lisa, Jessa Carlstrom, and all of the artists working in colloaboration with veterans to promote community building through art in all of it's forms.

On Wednesday, May 20, 2009, 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm in room 1G at the Chicago Cultural Center. I will present a workshop for veterans titled "Blind Contour Self- Portraits" . Through this relaxing, meditative process the participants will draw two self-protraits unlike any they have ever seen, or experieced. FREE

On May 30-31, 2009 my work will be on exhibit at the 8th Annual Reclaiming Our Heritage Festival located at the Zaplockiva Medical (VA) , 500 W National Ave, Milwaukee, WI. I will be the first artist to show in the newly renovated Civil War Library which is sponsored by Dryhootch. To find out more at

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Web Pages

I'm in the process of re-designing my web site, which is in dire need of an update. I hope to have it complete within the next few days. The frantic pace of getting new work completed, while preparing for upcoming exhibits, and opportunities for teaching and grant proposals, has been wonderful, but time consuming. Please be patient, and I'll have the site looking fresh and sparkling new soon.