Friday, May 8, 2009

Revisiting the Small Format

I will show my work in a solo exhibit at the Barrington Area Library March 29- June 19, 2009. The space has only two walls large enough to accomodate my large works, so I am producing a new collection of small oils to fit the space. I'm actually enjoying the ease and speed at which I work on small pieces. The title is "Sight Seeting" and the theme is light and fun to explore. I have an enormous number of photos that I have taken over the years from my travels throughout the world, so this show opens-up an opportunity to revisit those images and paint them as I remember the scenes. The process is a relaxing break from my labor intensive, large format paintings. I find if I revisit older themes in my work I think about where I'm going to go with new works. I certainly have been having a lot of fun painting in small format.

You can read more about my show in Quintessential Barrington Magazine at

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