Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More on Art Exhibitions and Gallery Spaces

Sage Gallery "Memories of an Era: Reflections of Our Time" November 2005

My first solo show in 1973 at an art festival in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

I first exhibited my art work in 1973, and have continued finding venues, or creating new exhibition spaces throughout my life. I don’t see any point in waiting for someone to “discover my art” I have to create opportunities along the way. In the process doors have opened for other artists behind me. Creating a life in art and sharing with others, what could be better than that?

I have already posted a brief overview describing my experiences with exhibits in Chicago and the near suburban art galleries. These have been good opportunities that I’ve enjoyed immensely. But there are galleries worth noting in the northwest Chicago suburbs.

First and foremost are the Sage and Dole galleries located in the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park in Crystal Lake. My studio is in this historic and grand structure. I am blessed with the opportunity to work is an amazing space with ample natural light and 900 square feet and a double “slop sink” within the studio. This is definitely my kind of “heaven”.

The galleries are located one floor above my studio, so they are a convenient for the installation of my work. On the first floor there is also the lobby, and a long cavernous hallway available for visiting and resident artists to hang work. My paintings are always available for viewing and sale in the long hallway leading to my studio, on the garden level. I will show a collection of my oil paintings and drawings, in the lobby gallery during the month of August.

My largest body of work and first major solo exhibit “Memories of an Era; Reflections of Our Time” showed in the spacious Sage Gallery for two months in 2005. The response to my work was overwhelmingly positive and very welcome by the community. In 2008 I showed another large body of work in a solo exhibit “Pilgrimage and Passages” filling the Sage Gallery. The most celebrated painting in the collection “Slivers of Light” has garnered quite a lot of attention. Then in 2009 my groundbreaking exhibit “Portraits of American Veterans: A Visual Dialogue” exhibited with a collection of art works by Veterans from Chicago and Crystal Lake. The National Veterans Art Museum from Chicago exhibited a powerful collection of works by Veterans from around the U.S., in the Dole Gallery in conjunction with "Porrtraits of American Veterans".
Annually I have installed my work in the Sage Gallery marking progress in my art making practice. The staff and resident artists are always friendly and helpful, so I highly recommend the Sage and Dole Galleries; they are the best galleries in the North west Chicago suburbs. And please remember, my show “Portraits of American Veterans Project Exhibit II” be in November with the artist reception on Friday November 7 from 5:00- 7:30 PM. My work will be in the Sage Gallery and Veterans who create art are invited to exhibit in the Dole Gallery. The month of November is now Honouring America's Veterans month at the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park.

I also love to show in the Old Courthouse Art Center in Woodstock, this is a fantastic space that will be reviewed in the next installment, so please check back soon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 Exhibition Schedule to date

July -September: Gallery Artists Group Show
Tall Grass Arts Association
367 Artists Walk, Forest Park, IL
Reception: TBA
(708) 748-3377

“Battledress: A Woman’s View” Traveling Exhibit
National Veterans Art Museum
1601 S. Indiana Ave, Chicago, IL
Reception: May 29 5:00-8:00 pm to honour Memorial Day

August 6 –September 27 26th Annual
Workshop for Contemporary Artists
Old Courthouse Art Center
101 N Johnson Street, Woodstock, IL
Reception: Saturday, August 22

“Battle Dress: A Woman’s View” Traveling Exhibit
Charles Street Gallery
914 Charles St. Beaufort, S. C.
Reception:: October 2
In conjunction with The Lt. Dan Independence Ride
And Lt. Dan Band concert with Gary Senise and
sponsored by Kimo Williams the National Veterans Art Museum and the Independence Fund

October: Women’s Caucus for Art Invitational
Tom Robinson Studio Gallery,
2416 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL
Reception: TBA
In conjunction with Chicago Artists Month

November Second Annual
“Portrait of American Veterans Project Exhibit”
Sage Gallery Lakeside Legacy Arts Park
401 Country Club Road, Crystal Lake, IL
Reception : First Friday October 7, 5:00 pm –7:30
More shows to come, keep checking my blog for future listings.