Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Class Schedule

I'm reworking my teaching schedule which will still be based on painting, but I plan to add a drawing class. Please keep checking to learn of the classes I will offer in the New Year.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Steamy Studio

The steam pipe in the 1928 era radiator located in my studio was frozen when the steam finally made it's way into the old system......a boiling flood soon covered the floor releasing a veritable sauna. Fortunantly nothing was damaged and there was help from maintenance, staff and board member of Lakeside to help get everything cleaned-up and under control. At this writing I'm still getting reorganized after the mess. AHHHH, winters in the Midwest!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vet Art Project Family Theater Program

Lakeside Legacy Arts Park in Crystal Lake hosted the Vet Art Project program: Family Theater and Potluck on Saturday November 21. What an honor for the Lakeside to play host for this innovative and healing program. Many thanks to the Board and Staff of the LLAP.

Four of my completed Portraits of American Veterans Project paintings. left to right: Charles McHenry is a WW II and Korean War veteran, Matt Ping is an Afghanistan war veteran, Adam Navarro is a Kosovo conflict veteran and Louie is WW II veteran. These are some of the finest individuals I have ever met and feel honored that I have the opportunity to depict their image in my art.

Potluck dinner with Vet Art Project friends in the Sage Gallery at the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park."

"Snapshots and Memories" is a 6' x 9' triptych which is part of my "Memories of an Era" body of work, which is now on temporary loan to the National Veterans Art Musem in Chicago, I borrowed these for the exhibit during November. If you would like to exhibit "Memories of an Era" the exhibit is availble from the National Veterans Art Museum.

Lisa Rosenthal who is founder of the Vet Art Project is seated at the left and David Faigin is second, I'm seated in the far back on right with my son Alex and husband Keith on my left. This was a wonderful evening friend friends, old and new, witnessing and sharing veterans' stories. Thank you Lisa and Jessa Carlstrum for the Vet Art Project!

Jeanine (me), Lisa and David in my studio. Behind Lisa is my storage area where many years of intense work, in the form of oil paintings and mixed media sculptures are stored for future exhibitions and prospective sales.

Frances Mai-Ling plays the piano while I listen. We're in the Dole Gallery with an exhibit of paintings and photographs from the National Veterans Art Museum in the background.

Sharon Sprenger performs an inspiring yoga "dance" with David Sarkis playing his enchanting guitar tunes. Thank you David and Sharon, you made the evening so very special!