Sunday, July 9, 2017

GALLERY/ MUSEUM EXHIBITS Summer-Fall 2017          

June 11- August 6
“Chicago Society of Artists Membership Show”
Anderson Arts Center
121 Sixty-Sixth St., Kenosha, WIS
Reception: June 11, 1:30- 4:00 p.m.

July 6– 30
“Listen” Invitational Exhibit
Old Courthouse Art Center
101 Johnson St., Woodstock, IL
Reception: Saturday July 15- 6-9 p.m.

July 14- August 5
“Chicago Artists Interpret Shakespeare As They Like It”
Water Street Studios
160 S. Water Street, Batavia, IL
Artist Reception: Friday July 14, 6-9 p.m.

November 4- December 14
Chicago Women’s Caucus for Art
Elmhurst Art Museum, Art Guild Gallery
150 Cottage Hill Ave., Elmhurst, IL
Artist reception: Friday November 10, 7-9 pm

 August 22- October 28
Portraits and Memories: Legacies of Service”
National Veterans Art Museum
4041 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago
Reception: Friday August 24, 6-9 pm

"Out of the Darkness" oil on canvas, 40"x 30" is on exhibit in Woodstock, Illinois at the Old Courthouse Art Center in the show "LISTEN".

"Symmetrical Division" oil on canvas, 48"x 36" will show in the Chicago Women's Caucus for Art juried show "Transmogrification" in Elmhurst at the Elmhurst Museum, Art League Gallery.
Poster for the Shakespeare Show in Batavia.

"King Lear's Gilded Butterflies" oil on canvas, 24"x 24" will be showing in Batavia, Illinois in the exhibit "Chicago Artists Interpret Shakespeare; As They Like It"

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Busy Start for 2017

Yes, I marched in the Women's March on January 21 in Chicago.  This is my interpretation of the day in oil on canvas 40"x 40" titled "An American Moment"

 I haven't been keeping up with social media, blogging and updating my web site lately.  The day to day studio work and living in this crazy world have kept me busy and not motivated to concern myself with the on-line world.

 I have included in the most recent musing a post that I wrote last month but did not publish........

My last post was from November, so I am a bit behind on blogging.  Life is good and always moving forward.  It seems like my attention was constantly turned to the POTUS election.  Yes, I know too much in the press and social media, and that is exactly why my artist eyes have been absorbed in the garishly visual and noisy spectacle.  Reading and painting have always been my way of coping to understand and figure out the logic, or lack thereof, that propels the country I love into a spiral of confusion and "us and them" (ie. dems vs repubs).  Well to say the least, like many artists, when I am looking for solace or answers I look to literature, art, and the musings of great authors of the past who recorded the spectacles of their times in prose and or paint.  You see art is gives us meaning and beyond sound bites, tweets and talking heads who are faker than their "fake news". 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Photos from Opening Reception for "Portraits & Memories: Legacies of Service"

The artist reception for "Portraits and Memories: Legacies of Service" was wonderful and very well attended.  I was heartened that so many people from the community and some of our local State Representatives also attended.  I want to share with you the photos that my husband Keith took of all the people talking and sharing their stories.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Solo Show in November

I have a solo show, "Portraits and Memories: Legacies of Service" for the month of November in the Sage Gallery at the Lakeside Arts Park in Crystal Lake.

Artist Statement:

Lakeside Arts Park resident artist Jeanine Hill-Soldner presents Portraits and Memories: Legacies of Service.  This exhibit has been in development for almost two decades.  The title is a fusion of the Artists’ two most significant bodies of work Memories of an Era and Portraits of American Veterans Project.  Combining the paintings presents a bold gesture and sweeping exhibition that brings together the Artist’s story and three generations of American veterans with their personal stories. 

Both engaging and contemplative, the viewer will discover their own connections past and present with the veterans in their own lives.  The legacies of service from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq are reminders of the sacrifices that veterans have made through the Century.  The exhibit includes 24 life size oil portraits of local veterans and a selection of large oil paintings from Memories of an Era, which was featured on PBS and exhibited nationally in galleries and museums.  Meet the Artist and attend her Talk at 6:30, and meet many of the veterans featured in the portrait exhibit.

I will write more about this show soon, but for now I must prepare all the paintings, statements, descriptions and brochures for the the exhibit and installation of the work starting on October 31.  

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The "Fearless" Exhibit

I am so excited that two of my paintings where accepted in the National juried exhibit titled "Fearless" at the Old Courthouse Art Center in Woodstock.

October  6– 29

“Fearless” National Exhibit

Old Courthouse Art Center

101 Johnson St., Woodstock, IL

Reception: Saturday Oct. 15, 6-9 p.m.

This is an oil painting depicting my son Alex on the long term parking commuter train in the international terminal at O'Hare Airport in Chicago.  The painting titled "World Traveler" measures 40"high x 60" wide.

This painting is also oil on canvas and depicts my daughter Michelle on the same train at O'Hare Airport.  This is oil on canvas and measures 40"high x 30"wide.

My husband Keith and I have enjoyed the opportunity to travel throughout Europe with our two children Michelle and Alex.  I think that the way the world is today that international travel does take a bit of a "fearless" attitude as in the title of the show these two paintings will be a part of.

I like to build depth in my work so that the flat surface of the canvas takes on a more three dimensional space with believable depth.  The main figure is usually dominant in the foreground and the middle ground is occupied by more figures and the background fades to cooler colors and softer edges.  I love the entire process from working out the composition to the final brushstrokes.  I look forward to completing the new canvases that I am stretching and starting on new work.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Exhibiting in the show "Beyond Rosie the Riveter: Women at Work"

I will be showing my oil painting "Captain Dana, R.N. USAF"
in the Koehnline Museum of Art at Oakton Community College for the show "Beyond Rosie the Riveter: Women at Work". Dana is one of the veterans who generously shared her story and image with me for my "Portraits of American Veterans Project". The show details: Oakton Community College, 1600 Golf Rd., Des Plaines, IL Dates: Sept. 29- October 21, Reception and Artist Talk- Thursday, Sept. 29 5-8 p.m. I will be at the reception to share Dana's story and meet with gallery visitors.
This is my statement for the exhibition:

Strong hard working women build a better more peaceful world. I chose to honour, a woman I admire, Air Force veteran Dana Mayer.  Dana enlisted in the military after nursing school, later working as a transport nurse in Iraq and Afghanistan saving lives on planes, in hospitals and in villages.  She is one of the four brave women represented in my “Portraits of American Veterans Project”. Women have a long history of service in the US military working hard, doing their jobs, with passion and commitment. Thank you Dana for your service.