Tuesday, March 5, 2013

JEANINE HILL-SOLDNER FINE ART: Art in Action Was a Great Success

www.lakesidelegacy.orgJEANINE HILL-SOLDNER FINE ART: Art in Action Was a Great Success

Art in Action Was a Great Success

This is Ginny Howley, my lovely model for Art in Action on Friday March 1st you can see the most recent portraits for "Portraits of American Veterans Project" behind Ginny.
Here I am working on Ginny's portrait.  I stared the portrait from life in my studio on the day before, and took a couple of photos because I knew I would have a lot of interested viewers that wanted to discuss my process and Ginny is a Docent in the Historic Dole Mansion do she was not seated for the entire 3 hour event.  I will complete the painting later with Ginny visiting my studio so I can capture her lovely face from life.

After the event all the tables and easels where removed I took a photo of my new work on exhibit in the beautiful and cavernous Sage Gallery.
This year Art in Action was a great success for the Lakeside Legacy Foundation and all of the resident artists who call the wonderful art center home.  I was busy with my painting demo and meeting all of the wonderful visitors and never had a chance to visit my studio, which was open for visitors.  Thank goodness my husband, Keith was stationed in my studio to greet visitors and explain my work.  It looks like I will get a few commissions and some new students from the event.  I am so grateful to the Board, Staff and fellow artist at the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park, it is truly a magical place!