Sunday, February 1, 2015

Final Painting for "Portraits of American Veterans Project.

This is my Dad, SgtMaj Dan L. Hill, he is the 24th and final painting for my "Portraits of American Veterans Project".

This is a view of the details for my Dad's painting.  All of his 12 medals from WW II, Korea, and Vietnam plus 16 campaign ribbons are presented in the background.  I painted these and the flag from life.  This is most certainly a labor of love.

Final for the rough of all 24 oil portraits.  Each of them measures 40" x 30" and they do take up a lot of wall space. 
OK, I am finally wrapping up the Portraits of American Veterans Project.  The paintings are now complete and I will delve into my reflections of the process and the stories about all the brave women and men I have had the honor to represent.  Thank you all for your service.