Friday, October 15, 2010

Battledress Exhibit and Lt Dan Weekend in Beaufort, SC October 1 - 3, 2010

The Battledress artist reception was held on Thursday October 1 with art on exhibit by women veterans who have served in the US Military. I was honored to be invited to show with these warrior women. The exhibit will now travel with stops in galleries and museums around the country. Follow my blog and I'll keep updating the exhibition schedule.

In the above photo my Mom and I are posing next to Easter Sunday 1965 at the Charles Street Gallery in Historic Beaufort SC. Mom is standing next to the painting that depicts her in 1965 with her friends in front of our military housing at Kaneohe, MCAS in Oahu, Hawaii.

The South Carolina beach from Huntington Island State Park. You can see my husband and father in law (a Vietnam Veteran and retired career US Marine) are seen walking in the distance. My nephew Michael, who is also a USMC veteran was also at the event.

Gary Senise and the Lt. Dan Band performed a free concert for to honor our men and women currently serving and show support for the troops who have been severely injured since 9/11. The concert was held at Riverfront Park. The Beaufort Shrimp Festival was on the same night, serving the best shrimp that I have tasted in a very long time.

This is the start of the Lt. Dan Ride which was held at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort. I was in awe ans so inspired at the sight of all of those heroes riding the 11 mile loop around the end of the runway. The entire event brought tears to my eyes as I watched and cheered for these wounded warriors. I felt honored and quite humbled by these men and women who have overcome their injuries. The Ride was hosted by the Lady Island Cycling Club, the Independence Fund and the City of Beaufort.
My husband Keith and I, arrived at the MCAS at 06:00 hrs to help with set-up and I'm glad we did. There was a lot to do and some friendly people to meet.

This is Laura Sellinger, the founder of the Battledress Exhibit, a US Army, Iraq War Veteran. Laura is a strong woman and a delightful person to know. Thanks Laura, you are amazing!

This is the Old South at it's best. I took this photograph from atop a fort constructed during the late 1800's for defense of the river during the Spanish and American War. So much history is tucked into the most unlikely places.

Good night Beaufort, I'll be back next year for the Beaufort Lt. Dan Weekend.