Saturday, September 18, 2010

Studio Notes: My New Painting Cart

This is a great new find for any studio. Stainless steel, lots of space and sturdy wheels.

I move around my studio quite a bit when I'm working, and I usually have more than one painting at a time in process. I prefer studio furniture with wheels, this allows for a lot of flexibility in my work space. The above painting table has been with me for about 10 years and has served well, but it has become quite wobbly from rolling around on the uneven 90 year old floors in my studio. I found a replacement at IKEA. I love the new stainless steel "kitchen cart" the large wheels and workspace is just what I needed. I need functional. I think commercial kitchens have the best furniture for artists, there's no fluff, just solid hard working furniture.

While I'm working I utilize at least 3 wheeled painting tables at a time and 4 easels. All of the carts in my studio are steel and have at least three shelves. I sometimes work with 2-3 palettes and can use up to 20 brushes in one day. I like my easels too, they are wood, easy to move around and have wheels of course. My system may not work for someone else, but after many years of committed studio work I've found this to be the best system for me for now.