Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy Weeks of Art

This is the "Next Wave Artist Salon" in Elgin, I'm glad I was a part of it. The experience was energizing and I met some wonderful people. This is an event I will continue to support!
This is my daughter Michelle posing in front of her portrait I painted from a pic I took of her seated in the window of our hotel in London several years ago. Next to that is my self portrait in my studio painted from life. I have a ton of pics from my travels around the world, one of these days I'll start creating new ways to depict this side of my life in paint. Until then I'll just keep painting.

The past two weeks have been so busy that I'm glad to have a Saturday to rest and recharge. There have been art receptions, all day life drawing at Palette and Chisel in Chicago with Pat and Jackie, life drawing with Valley Art Club, evening parties for an old friend visiting from out of town, driving to Chicago for delivery of artwork to the National Veterans Art Museum for shipment to a show in Beaufort, S. C., and then the next day delivering the shipping crate for the 4' x 6' painting, delivery of artwork (shown above) for a weekend show in Elgin the "Next Wave Artist Salon with a Friday and Saturday reception to attend, then pick-up on the artwork on Sunday, dinner with the Chairman and the Director of the Veterans Assistance Commission and then a presentation of my "Portrait of American Veterans Project" to the Woodstock VFW, and with all of that 3 doctor appointments and 35 hours of painting time in my studio each week.
WHEW! Now I'll come up for air and take a nap.