Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Painting at Robert Morris University Gallery in Chicago

This is me with my oil painting "Dissipation" on exhibit in the Chicago Women's Caucus for Art Nationally Juried Exhibit "Water a Universal Human Right or Commodity" at Robert Morris University on State Street in Chicago.

 Statement for the show:
Water is vital for the survival of all life on earth.  My work for this show reflects upon the extensive deserts and arid lands in many parts of the earth.   Rain dissipates before reaching the parched and drought stricken lands on earth.  Humans live on the edge of life while struggling to survive in regions where safe and available drinking water is scarce.  The water bottles are a universal symbol for clean drinking water. 
Oil on heavy duty canvas mounted on 1 1/2' heavy duty stretcher bars measuring 30'h x 20' w.  Photos, water bottles and conceptual ideas where utilized in production.

I've been creating a lot of work about water in the past few years.  I grew up surrounded by water, competitive swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, wind surfing, fishing, boating, living near the beach and always drawn to the water.