Friday, March 28, 2008

"The Italian Alps in August"

I am working on some smaller, much smaller, (8"x 10" and 16" x 20") paintings from my travels. Many of these will be landscapes based on photos that I have taken on my many travels. While painting I am transported back to these wonderful places and the memories of journeys and discovery. I feel a kinship with mountains and nature. Many summers during my childhood were enjoyed while exploring and hiking in the mountains of North Carolina. There is nothing quite like hiking up to the summit then peering out at the vast expanse before your eyes and discovering a new world below that has changed with your view. I especially love the mountains in Wales and the Lake District in England. Standing high above on a montain is humbling and a reminder of natures' power to sculpt the earth. The experience is so refreshing it takes my breath away. The most exciting hike was to the summit of Mount Snowdon in North Wales. Cairns (small stacks of stones) are placed along the paths to lead the hiker up the rocky and treacherous face. When you finally reach the summit there is feeling of such freedom that you have left the world below and you are one with nature.

If you are ever in Chicago visit one of my favorite places to take in the view from above. Go to the top floor of the Hancock Building In the women's restroom there is wall of glass that provides the most marvelous view of downtown with Lake Michigan as a backdrop. This is my "city summit"and one of my favorite places where I can leave the world behind. Stop in a the bar and have a drink while you enjoy the view.

My screen saver is actually the view of Chicago from the top floor of the Hancock Building.

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