Tuesday, October 22, 2019

"The Power of Three" Exhibition

“The Power of Three”
Group Statement

Chicago area artists Sandie Bacon, Anne Farley Gaines, and Jeanine Hill-Soldner have various elements in common in the work they will show in “The Power of Three”.  They are accomplished artists who work in diverse media producing colorful and powerful works of an environmentally-conscious nature. They find the mystery of organic elements endlessly fascinating, and they interpret these scenes in their unique styles.

The convergence of these similar, yet separate, visions and viewpoints creates a power and a resonance multiplied by three. Bacon’s work emphasizes the sheer force of nature and the subtle humor of animate kites with oriental influence; Gaines’ watercolors and ceramics capitalize on fragile beauty found in nature and surprise close-up details; Hill-Soldner’s richly layered oil paintings focus on figures interacting with water and drawing the viewer into narratives that are playful as well as contemplative.

This exhibit contains work of varying sizes and surfaces, ranging from smooth representational watercolors to richly layered oil paintings, heavily-textured mixed-media paintings and ceramics.  They are to be experienced for their sheer beauty, as well as to be contemplated as warnings to nurture certain environments and be careful not to compromise or destroy them. It is a visual collaboration that invites study and questioning.