Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Wall of Art

Gallery wall in my studio
This picture shows a wall in my studio that I use as a gallery.  Here you to see 13 oil paintings based on my photos from Crown Fountain in Chicago.  The paintings on the top row are all 24"x 24" and the 3 on the bottom row are 36"x 36" while the rest of the paintings are much larger measuring 48"x 60", and 48"x 36"  This large body of work features people playing in the refreshing water that sprays from the fountain in downtown Chicago. I started painting this series several years ago and as with all my work, there are many variations and transitions in the entire body of work.

This work has exhibited in many venues in Chicago and the surrounding areas and people seem to like it.  It's different.  I have always explored my own vision so that no one else is producing work like mine.  And I don't think anyone else could paint like me, except me.  So there you are, I am starting on new work now while I utilize what I learned in all of my past work and bring that knowledge and experience into the new work.