Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Delivering a Sold Painting to Berlin

I finally delivered "Summer in the City, Christina" to the collectors from Berlin.  Rather than crating in a heavy wooden box and shipping the painting through a standard carrier which would have cost around $800, I took it with me to Italy via  Florence.  I first removed the canvas tacks and took the painting off the stretcher bars, thus I was able to wrap the painting in plastic and roll it around the disassembled stretcher bars.  This made for a long, rather bulky bundle bit it fit into a long heavy duty shipping tube which made it easy to carry.   I checked the painting through baggage like a set of skis and paid $125. for the additional fee.  The painting arrived in Florence safely and I was able to present it to Carlo and Yvonne who drove from Berlin to Florence.  The painting made it's way safely to Berlin where it was re- stretched and is now hanging in the music room where the family will enjoy the painting and the memories of their visit to Chicago.  I love it when I can make my art a part of people's lives.

"Summer in the City, Christina" is oil on canvas and measures 48" x 36".  I sold it to collectors in Berlin.