Monday, January 2, 2012

Veterans Art Exhibit at GE Corporate Gallery

     "My Third Grade Class"   6' x 7'   oil on canvas
 During the month of November 2011,  I transported 6 of my large oil paintings from my body of work "Memories of an Era",  to the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago.  The paintings were crated and shipped to the East coast.  I have been honored to exhibit my artwork, with the art by Veterans from the permanent collection of the NVAM at the GE Corporate Gallery in Fairfield, CT.  Art Appraiser and Consultant Valerie Cooper at  Picture That LLC contacted both the NVAM and me, in order to curate the exhibit for GE.  The exhibit is designed to honor Veterans and their families during the time of Veterans Day.  The title of the exhibit is "A Closer Look: Scenes from a United Family".  I wasn't able to attend the artist reception or visit the gallery, but I can see from the web site that the show is very powerful and unique in the concept.

It has been a pleasure exhibiting my work with the NVAM at GE.  I am also grateful that Valerie Cooper's vision brought about this exhibit that carries the message about the roles of the families in supporting our nation's Military Personnel.  I hope that my work will find it's way to more exhibits around the U.S. and the world.  Thank you Valerie Cooper and NVAM and GE.