Monday, October 24, 2011

Missing Painting

In early June I loaned the painting on the right, "Snapshots and Memories" which measures 6' x 9' x 1 1/2" , for an undetermined period period of time to a local non-traditional exhibition space. At the time of the agreement and delivery of the painting I exchanged some paperwork and a business card with the individual who received the work. I unwrapped the paintings and placed them where I was told they would be installed. This was a large open foyer with a reception desk and lots of natural light from large windows. There were other works of art in the corridors of the building so I felt comfortable about the exhibition space.

I took pictures of the space and my work before installation for my records. Sadly the camera containing the photos was stolen from the artist tent at the Lakeside Fest in early July. So I don't have a visual record to provide me with clues as to the location. The paperwork must have been misplaced when I moved my office from one room to another in my house. I don't have a scrap of written record about the exhibit space.

I've been searching for a week for the painting and I have to locate it by Wednesday and deliver it to the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago for shipment to a corporate gallery on the East coast. If you have seen my painting or can provide me with a clue as to it's whereabouts please send me an e mail asap. Thank you in advance!