Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Twenty Portraits of American Veterans, New Look and New Shows

I gathered all 20 completed portraits on my studio and found it challenging to hang all of them together at once. However, it was worth the time and effort to bring them all together like a gathering of friends. They all seem to be silently communicating their stories to one another with the eyes and gestures. I'll be creating some new promotional materials from the photo to let everyone know about upcoming exhibits.

In the future the Portraits of American Veterans will no longer be exhibited with the large, cumbersome, overdone profiles that appeared with the paintings in past exhibits. Most exhibition spaces are not large enough to show all of the paintings, much less the additional profiles. I will create new brief information cards that will not take up valuable wall space or distract from the paintings. In another words, the PAVP is moving into the next level of professional level presentation. There will be a notebook with the exhibits, providing freshly edited biographical info about each of the veterans. This will clean-up the overall look of the show and focus the viewer on the veterans and their images.