Monday, April 18, 2011

Continuing the Portrait of American Veterans Project

Pictured above and below is my 18th veteran to paint. This is Bert Notheison, I visited his home last week to start on his portrait. Bert and his wife Arlene were so happy to see me and thrilled about Bert's part in the PAVP. Bert's stories are many and fascinating, from his time as a pilot in the US Army Air Corp with the 460th Bomb Group during WWII. I'll post his portrait when it is completed.
As the Portraits of American Veterans Project continues, almost 2 years in process, I have reached a marvelous place. Each portrait has come to represent a singular place and time for each individual, yet occupies a shared place within the whole. I think and most certainly feel, that there will be a complete body of work, and a substantial exhibition by the time I paint the 24th portrait. I began the first portrait of Adam Navarro-Lowery in August 2009. this was the start of a journey that has become incredible in it's scope and depth. I am eternally grateful for all of the generous support of family and friends to keep me working in my studio 5-6 days a week in front of the easel, to complete every detail in each portrait.

In early March I applied to Fractured Atlas fiscal sponsorship for financial assistance in developing Portraits of American Veterans Project into a traveling exhibit. Last week I received the good news that my proposal was approved, so now it's time to look towards the horizon and complete the last of the portraits, and put "the show on the road". Continue following my posts and I'll keep you up to date on how things are progressing.